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Ginger Pear Cooler

Give your body a wake-up call with this cleansing, invigorating juice. Pear is a gentle laxative, aiding elimination, while a little ginger root provides a kickstart for a sluggish digestive system. Cucumber will refresh and hydrate you.

Green Queen

This is a delicious, peppery, cleansing juice, bursting with antioxidants and liver-protective phytonutrients to speed up elimination and help shift excess weight. The green superfood powder adds a nutrient boost to your energy levels.

Lemon Green Cleanser

Kickstart your weight loss plan with this super-cleansing juice. Bursting with chlorophyll, potassium, pectin and vitamin C, this green cocktail will speed up your body's elimination of toxins to help blast that stubborn fat. 2 celery