Recipe: Steps to make your favourite Acheke with grilled fish

Welcome to Ghana Food kitchen,

We’re here once again in the kitchen, however being carried away by a lot of branded Fante kenkey, we managed to drive through and landed in the Nzema land.

We told you we’re on a journey right?

Today we’re in the Western region and you cannot come here without trying the best delicacies from the west. We’re preparing Acheke. The main ingredient here is cassava.

Acheke, also spelt attiéké by the Ivory Coast and sometimes spelt akyeke in Ghana. It is a side dish made from cassava, and is a popular and traditional cuisine in West Africa. The dish is prepared from fermented cassava pulp that is grated. Dried attiéké is also prepared, which is similar in texture to couscous.

The cassava is peeled, grated and mixed with a small amount of cassava that was previously fermented which is the starter. The paste is left to ferment for one or two days. Once the fermentation time is over and the hydrocyanic acid that exists in a large proportion in natural cassava has been removed, the pulp is dewatered, screened, and dried, and then the final cooking is done by steaming the pulp.

After a few minutes of cooking, the akyeke is ready for consumption. It is best served with grilled fish and pepper or tomato. Akyeke is flavorful when eaten with fried fish with ground pepper garnished with chopped pepper and onion with a little seasoning for taste added with palm oil to give it a yellowish look and different taste. One can also eat akyeke with smoked fish and stew. It can be served with soup as well.


Source: 2022

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