How To Prepare Tuo Zaafi

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Tuo zaafi, commonly referred to as T.Z. or Saakbo, is a favorite meal in Northern Ghana. It is widespread throughout some of West Africa, particularly in nations like Nigeria, Mali, Burkina Faso, and Niger, in addition to Ghana.

Tuo Zaafi is made by cooking the corn dough and adding a small amount of cassava. It is similar to banku but is much softer and less sticky.

The Hausa language is where Tuo Zaafi first originated. “Tuo” means stirring or paddling, while “Zaafi” means heat.

Types of Tuo Zaafi

The kind is determined by the flour used in preparing it. The three primary varieties are maize, millet, and red millet. In addition to these, there are varieties to which corn dough or cassava flour can be added; they are especially well-liked by the Kotokolies and Chambas.

To prepare TZ, here are the important ingredients you will need:


Ayoyo leaves

Salt peter (potassium nitrate


Okro (powdered)





Fish seasoning



Tomato puree

Fish (salmon, herrings)

Cassava flour

Corn flour


Steps to prepare ayoyo soup

Reduce the size of the ayoyo leaves.

Slice the onion more finely.

Wash the meat, cut it into the desired sizes, and add it to a cooking pot.

Heat the water to a rapid boil.

Add chopped onion, fish, and dawadawa powders to the dish.

Add saltpeter (kawu) and ayoyo leaves after 5 to 7 minutes

Stir constantly until the mixture’s ingredients are very soft. (Don’t hide)

Mix onions, ginger, and garlic, then add to the pork.

Over medium heat, simmer the minced beef.

Cover after adding salt and spice. for roughly ten minutes, steam

Add vegetable oil after heating a pot over medium heat until hot.

Add meat, fish or chicken.

Fry until each side is a uniform brown color.

Place it in a bowl and leave it there.

Add chopped onion and garlic to the oil and stir until tender and starting to brown.

Add grinded pepper, tomato puree and stir intermittently

Wash salmon and herrings and add to the stew

Add all spices after 10 minutes and allow to cook.

Add salt to taste

Add chopped onions

Add fried meat (chicken) and allow to simmer for 5 minutes

Steps to prepare Tuo Zaafi

Pour some cornflour into the cooking pot and add water.

Mix thoroughly to form a uniform solution.

Boil enough water and add cornflour to cook for 5 – 10 minutes.

Fetch some of the solutions made earlier into a separate bowl.

Mix dry corn dough and cassava dough and add the mixture to the boiling corn bit by bit.

Stir continuously and thoroughly to avoid lumps.

Add the corn dough solution you fetched (step 4) to the Tuo Zaafi to make it soft and stir.

Turn off the heat after 15 minutes of stirring.

Serve Zaafi with stew and soup.

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