Best Groundnut Soup Ghana Recipe

In Ghana, groundnut soup is one of the best soups because it can be eaten with a number of local dishes. In today's episode, we give you the best groundnut soup recipe. This writeup contains ingredients and a preparation process among

Planter’s Punch Ingredients

Planter's Punch can be prepared in 5 minutes. The Planter's Punch uses the shake technique to make it. Ingredients 1.5 oz. dark rum 1 oz. orange juice 1 oz. pineapple juice 3/4 oz. lemon juice 1/2 oz. grenadine

Pina Colada Ingredients {Cocktail}

Pina Colada takes 6 minutes and uses the blend technique in preparation. Ingredients 1 oz. white rum 1 oz. coconut cream 3oz pineapple juice Ice Maraschino cherry pineapple wedge Gadgets Hurricane glass

Painkiller Cocktail Recipe

Hey Guys It's been a while since we enjoyed some cocktails here. Well, today we are going to have some fun while sipping on some of the best cocktails. We will look at the recipe for some of the best cocktails in town. Let's

How To Prepare Ghanaian Light Soup

Light soup in Ghana is served with fufu. However, some people will pair it with rice on a good day. Light soup is one of the soups that has gained international recognition. Light soup is prepared in at least 60 minutes. In

How To Make Ghana Ayoyo Soup

Ayoyo soup, also known as Ghanaian jute leaf soup, is popularly served with tuozafi. Ayoyo Soup is a Ghanaian green soup made with jute leaves and served with stew and tuozafi. Today we walk you through how to prepare this Ghanaian

How To Prepare Mai Tai Cocktail

Mai Tai cocktails are prepared within 5 minutes. Do you know that the shake technique is used in its preparation? Well, today, I will walk you through the ingredients and preparation processes for this cocktail. Ingredients

Simple Knickerbocker Cocktail Recipe

Hey! I guess it's been a while since I prepared one of your favourite cocktails on this platform. Guess What? Today I am preparing the Knickerbocker Cocktail, and I believe you are going to enjoy it. This cocktail is

Simple Hurricane Cocktail Ingredients

The hurricane cocktail is a sweet alcoholic drink made with rum, lemon juice, and either passion fruit syrup or fassionola. It is one of many popular drinks served in New Orleans. It is traditionally served in the tall, curvy eponymous