How To Make Banku At Home – A Step By Step Guide

Banku is a very popular dish in Ghana, it is popularly served with shito sauce and grilled tilapia.

Banku is made with a combination of fermented corn and cassava dough.

Traditionally, we use fermented, ground cassava tubers and white maize
I used yellow maize for this recipe.

Alternatively, you can use cassava flour and cornmeal.


1lb (3 cups) corn dough
¼/ lb (1 cup) cassava dough
I teaspoon salt
2 cups water
Preparation time: 15 minutes

You can prepare a decent amount of corn dough/cassava dough and use them whenever you want to make banku.
You can refrigerate it after it is fermented.

Step 1

To prepare corn dough, combine ground corn (or corn meal) and small water in a large bowl. You want the dough wet but not watery.

Step 2

To prepare cassava dough, grind peeled cassava tuber using your home blender or take to a public grinding mill.

Step 3

Combine both together and Cover using a nylon film and allow them to ferment for 3-5 days.
When you are ready to prepare banku.

Step 4

Mix the corn/cassava dough with water until smooth, add half teaspoon of salt, Stir.
Then transfer to medium heat and stir continuously till it begins to thicken and solidify.
Spread in chunks, add water and let it simmer, and cook for 3 minutes.
Give the banku one final stir then take off the heat.

To serve, scoop the desired amount into a wet bowl and swirl around until it forms a balls.
Banku may be served with okro stew, fante fante or grilled tilapia with Shito.

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