Recipe: How To Prepare Fante Fante [Fish Tomatoes Stew]


You’re welcome to Ghana foods Kitchen,

Here we’re taking you on a journey around Ghana into the various kitchens and varieties of foods in every region. It is known that Ghanaians are hospitable and their food taste great. It is admissible that due to diversity in culture every region is known for one food as their chief meal.    On this note our journey takes off from the central region.

The central region is the first capital region of Ghana the then Gold Coast. Today we’re preparing fish tomatoes stew “Fante Fante” as known by the people of the central region.  It is a fresh fish sauce consumed in Ghana. It is popular in the Central part of Ghana. They are known to be fish lovers since they are on the coast. Ghanaians especially the Fantes love this recipe because of its simplicity.


Fresh tomatoes



Oil (palm oil or vegetable oil)

Salmon or any fish of your choice

Salted fish

Shrimp powder

Spices and salt




Thoroughly wash onion, garlic and ginger, chop and transfer them into a blender and blend together. Add salt and any spice of your choice to the blended mixture and use it to season the fish. Steam the fish for about 8 minutes. Pour oil into a sauce pan and place it over medium heat. Chop some onions and add to the oil. Put salted fish into a bowl of water to remove some of the salt from it. Chop salted fish into sizeable pieces and add to oil. Blend tomatoes and pepper and add mixture to the oil. Stir continuously. Add shrimp powder and any spice. Allow the stew to cook for about 5 – 8 minutes. Add the seasoned fish and cook for 5 minutes. Serve with banku, kenkey, ampesi or rice.

As seen it’s so simple to prepare and make you try it and give us feedback. Catch next time in the kitchen.


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